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Without the Medicis, Guggenheims, Gettys and Saatchis of this world it’d certainly be a poorer place. As a progressive society we owe them a debt and it’s our belief that where we can, we should all do what we can to take a leaf out of their books. Now we can’t all have quite the impact that they’ve had but that doesn’t stop us from doing our part. Indeed, though charitable, we are no charity. We run a business that chooses to put an above average proportion of our income back into the art world. Back into artists. Helping to create more joy and wonderment for future generations. Because we think it makes the world a better place. A happier place. It gives us peace of mind.

Life Changing

When we met Graham he was working full-time, as a metal fabricator in the construction industry, using his spare time to create incredible sculptures. We asked him if we could both financially support him and represent him too. He now produces art full-time with a dedicated workshop full of the right tools and equipment. He has exhibited in London’s West-end and sold work to the rich and famous. We love his work so much we commissioned him to produce our logo.

Graham’s Latest Work


Every year a healthy percentage of our income will be plowed directly back into our artists. We believe that together with your patronage as a customer we can inject capital into individuals who may otherwise have to turn their backs on the art world as a career option. They’d be a loss to us all. We’re determined to help as many as we are reasonably able to. These outgoings will not be reflected in our prices, they’ll come from our bottom line. That is our commitment.

So year on year, as the business grows, so will our bursaries. Providing a foundation to the talents of tomorrow. Your custom can only benefit that.

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