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Graham Slade

Graham came to our attention as a steel fabricator, producing incredible sculptures from scrap metal. We were able to set him up with his own workshop and tools to produce contemporary figurative sculpture full-time. We’re proud to represent him via a body of work that’s set to ask questions about life, society and our own mortality.


Graham Slade

What made you get into art?

I’ve always dreamed things up. Doodled. When I began working I continued…only in metal.

What challenges do you have as an artist?

Without a doubt, as a parent, it’s time. I strive to be the very best father I can but I also wish to be the best sculptor I can become. Being a parent is a full-time job but trying to make a name for myself demands real focus and that takes time too.

What’s your inspiration?

An incredibly hard question but ultimately my inspiration can be anything, anywhere and anyone. From the hallowed halls of the Vatican to Cartoon Network. I find Inspiration everywhere.

What’s your dream?

From the moment I began creating art from scrap metal my dream was to do it for a living, have a workshop of my own in a pleasant setting, an affable clientele and a workable order book. For my work to be appreciated. That’s my dream.

If you could own any piece of art ever created what would you choose?

Anything by Jean-Michel Basquiat would hit the spot. What an incredible mind!

Southwark Peace Garden

Peace sculpture symbolizing the community’s action against knife crime has been unveiled.

“The Dove”, a sculpture handcrafted from knives seized by Southwark Police or returned in amnesty, Was unveiled at the Walworth Methodist Church ‘Peace Garden’ in Southwark, January 21 2020.
The “peace sculpture”, commissioned by the “Southwark Peace Garden Committee” and produced by start-up art business Patrons, is made from recycled steel and the blades of the returned knives. It represents the efforts of a community attempting to tackle the challenges of knife crime at source.

The Dove, a striking symbol of peace, represents a transformation away from violence and will provide a provocative focal point for the church’s peacemaking efforts in Southwark.


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